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  • 2012/6/29(六) 下午兩點到五點


  • Development with Vert.x: an event-driven application framework for the JVM 講者: David Wu
    For a long time JVM developers have been sitting out watching web developers write agile and performant applications with frameworks such as node.js. Fortunately this is no longer the case. Vert.x is a powerful, bleeding edge event-driven application framework for the JVM. It features native support for non-blocking I/O and concurrency. It has a distributed event bus that that allows real-time communication between client and server. In addition to including out-of-the-box modules for easy development, vert.x has a module system that enables code reuse. To be even more cool, vert.x is polyglot, supporting components written in differentlanguages such as Javascript, Ruby, and Python. In this speech I will give an overview of the vert.x framework and some of the caveats that you should be aware of.

    David Wu is a principal software engineer at HTC. He works on the social network team for HTC Sense, responsible for adding “social touches” to the overall user experience. He is one of the core developers behind HTC Friend StreamIn his free time he is also an active participant in the free software community in Taiwan. He is a regular at both the Taipei Open Source Software User Group and Hacking Thursday.
  • Raspberry Pi with Java 講者:Koji Lin
    JWorld@TW 管理者,Taiwan Java User Group主辦人,現任職於Cubie Inc.,負責開發iOS版本的Cubie Messenger。


  • 台灣Oracle會議室 , 位於台北車站新光三越樓上35樓,請直接從石獅子的入口進入,到16樓換證後上35樓